Monday, February 9, 2009

from Feb8 - contemplating life before ROLLING OVER!

from Feb7 - relaxing while getting a back rub from auntie claudia

from Feb6 - Emile tastes his first food, yummy banana!

from Feb5 - Emile uses his feet...

from Feb4 - two hams

from Jan30 - hanging with Scoobie

from Jan29 - the teething is on!

from Jan28 - Best LARF EVER!

from Jan25 - first time on a swing, out for a walk and then some alone time with dad

from Jan18 - talking to Everest

from Jan17 - happy birthday Jen! (new baby on the way!)

from Jan16 - chilly day at the park

from Jan15 - more jumping with video!

from Jan13 - new crib

from Jan12 - Jumping!

from Jan11 - Happy Birthday Evan!

from Jan8 - yum, sofie!